Abdul Vas

"Wreckin' Ball, Let it Roll"



vue de l’exposition


vue de l’exposition


Terminator (Young) ; 2019, technique mixte sur carton, 355 x 255 mm


Terminator (Young), 2019 ; détail


Alien (Young), 2019 ; technique mixte sur carton, 260 x 210 mm


Alien (Young), 2019 ; détail


Predator (Young), 2019 ; technique mixte sur carton, 295 x 215 mm


Predator (Young), 2019 ; détail


to kill a fucking bird : the electronarcosis of otherness, eroto-comatose schizodystopia, ultraviolent radioactivity, astrological hypernihilism and the rape of outer-space within the field of transhuman post-optical phenomenology as illuminated in the recent work of abdul vas


a. beating around the bush

in his new series of cardboard paintings abdul vas makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the ultraviolent mythogenesis of eroto-comatose schizoid states in relation to the suspension of transhuman existence beyond the obsolescence of three- dimensional heliocentric cosmogonic mythopoetic antro-deterritorialization and in his large-scale ink drawings he inferred from an uncanny encounter with transhuman cyborg- primate interactions in particular from an experience of the eyeball-shithole relationship – two types of schizo-orgonic configuration : the ultraviolent-comatose contingency and the neurasthenic-astrological locazilation, each of which can transmogrify into the other on the underside of the influence of ultraviolent electronarcosis or eroto-comatose radioactivity.

b. or was he down upon his kness ?

behind a process of alternation, eyes or seeing come to the quarters of the cosmos or the (…)


a critical investigation by preteen gallery ; composed by gerardo contreras ; established by cooperativa editorial nueva miseria


Abdul Vas (born in 1981 in Venezuela) lives in Ho Chi Minh. He graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. His recent solo exhibitions include : Ride On at Proyecto H (Madrid) ; Rock the blues away at L21 (Madrid); Hell ain’t a bad place to be at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (Santiago de Chile). Selected group shows since 2006 include: Shibuya Center Gai, Tokyo; The Composing Rooms, Berlin; Arcadia Missia, London; Preteen Gallery, Mexico


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