Maria Golia

on Bureaucracy


“The elevator in the century-old building where I live in downtown Cairo plays a stabilizing role in my existence; it’s the first thing I hear in the morning and the last at night. The engine clearing its throat as it gears grab on to start the haul, its steady murmur is the voice of a friend that says however dysfunctional things are, we can still make it to the top.”


auteur: Maria Golia

éditeur : Jean Colombain
mise en page : Thomas Bush
année: 2019 (2015)
pages: 16
tirage : 50 exemplaires
format : A5
langue: anglais
couverture:  vert menthe
reliure: 2 agrafes à cheval

catalogue : S008


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Such is the life, such is the form. – S. Coleridge