Jessie Stead

The Sick Bats (Boxes)

« You need a candle to see

Where the Sick Bat hides

But it burns your insides »



vue de l’exposition (intérieur jour)


Jessie- Stead – Sick Bat Box (mailed from Los Angeles, CA, USA) ; 27 x 23 x 6 cm, 2020
Jessie Stead – Sick Bat Box (mailed from Brick, NJ, USA) ; 27 x 22,5 x 6 cm, 2020


vue de l’exposition (intérieur nuit)
Jessie Stead – Sick Bat Box (mailed from Westminster, SC, USA) ; 29 x 18,5 x § cm, 2020
Jessie Stead – Sick Bat Box (mailed from Melville, NY, USA) ; 27 x 22 x 6 cm, 2020


Cellophane from the ‘90s divides the music video from the real life of the legendary, genre-defying four-piece The Sick Bats —the apotheosis of the so-called “flying-rat bands”— to mysteriously re-animate in 2020 from multiple undisclosed locales. The storied band is rumored to perform invisibly through illegal USPS crypto-portals, seamlessly disguised as LEDs in their shape-shifting diurnal trespasses, complicating what was once understood as the void with a string of hit songs — most notably the eponymous anthem Sick Bat. The band’s quintessential antithetic theme song was reportedly ghost written by a quarantined artist in Brooklyn, NY, an unemployed human who claims that she hangs out with The Sick Bats on eBay sometimes.

(Jessie Stead, 2020)

Jessie Stead (New York) works in overlapping patterns of installation, music, cinema, text, collaboration. Her recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Jan Kaps (Cologne), Jenny’s (Los Angeles), 247365 (NY), and OCDChinatown (NY). Collaborative projects, group exhibitions and performances include the Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, Poland), Fridericianum (Kassel, DE), the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, and Performa 13 (NY). She is the electronic percussionist in the art-band Hairbone (formerly Haribo).