Gerardo Contreras




Abyss, Void, Fissure, Hole: Becoming as Disappearance, Sonic Thanatos, and The Depolarization of Male Desire Through the Figure of the ‘Influencing Machine’ in the Work of Abdul Vas


Un texte écrit pour accompagner l’exposition d’Abdul Vas, Monster of Rock.

” In the work of Abdul Vas, a disconsonant, ramifying iconographic complexification emerges in the displaced centrality that aesthetic stupor represents as a battle for meaning and interpretation and sense. This dissonant arrangement of decoherent significations dismantles the unconscious through a dislocated allusion to the uncanny exegesis of a perpetual sequence of concatenated, permutative, eroto-comatose thought-transferences that result in relentless, excruciating libidinal expenditures and excitatory expansions of somatic transmogrifications. ”


auteur/éditeur: Gerardo Contreras
graphisme : Preteen Press
année: 2017
pages: 8
tirage : 50 exemplaires
format : A5
langue: anglais
couverture: noir
reliure: agrafes à cheval


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